In our modern Dutch bakeries, the most delicious syrup waffles and biscuits are made based on traditional recipes. We export these to all corners of the world.

Stroopwafel productie


Step 1

Stroopwafel verpakking


Step 2

Stroopwafel verspreiding


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The syrup waffle is an increasingly popular biscuit in the Netherlands and abroad. The international demand for this typical Dutch treat grows rapidly.
Stroopwafel & Co has been providing large retailers, distributors and wholesalers with syrup waffles as an independent company for years. Due to rising demand from abroad, we now also operate internationally. By now, thousands of consumers from all over the world enjoy our syrup waffles every day.
As a result, we have a lot of experience with international markets and their corresponding characteristics and cultural differences.
Our customers appreciate the quality of our syrup waffles and biscuits, our know-how, and the fact that we like to be involved.

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THE BEST syrup waffles

The syrup waffle is a classic Dutch treat consisting of two thin waffles kept together by delicious syrup. Hence the name: syrup waffles.
Our products are on the shelves of supermarkets, delicatessens and service stations, and are available in tea-and coffee shops in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America.
And to be honest, it has to be said: our syrup waffles taste the best!

Would you as a retailer, distributor or wholesaler learn what we can do for you?

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